Sprite Lemon-Lime Drink 18X330ml

Sprite Lemon-Lime Drink 18X330ml

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  • Sparkling Lemon-Lime Flavour Soft Drink with Sugar and Sweetener
  • Sparkling lemon-lime flavour soft drink, now most refreshing taste ever Sparkling lemon-lime flavour soft drink
  • Crisp, refreshing, clean-tasting Sprite is Great Britain's leading lemon and lime flavoured soft drink
  • A clean, crisp, fresh tasting, sparkling lemon & lime flavour drink.
  • - Contains sugar and sweeteners
  • - Natural flavours
  • - No artificial colours
  • - Caffeine-free
  • Serve ice cold for maximum enjoyment.
  • Keep cold in the fridge.
  • Please recycle.
  • This product is allergen free
  • Contains Natural flavourings
  • Contains Added intense sweeteners
  • This product is GMO free
  • This product is gluten free
  • This product is allergen free
  • This product is suitable for vegetarians/vegans
  • Pack size: 5940ML

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