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SAMSUNG U32J590 4K Ultra HD 32" LED Monitor - Black

SAMSUNG U32J590 4K Ultra HD 32" LED Monitor - Black

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Top features:

- More than a billion colour shades give you spectacular image quality

- Enhance the picture with 4K upscaling technology

- AMD FreeSync and Game mode improves the quality on your favourite titles 

More than a billion colour shades

Zone in to your work with the Samsung U32J590 4K Ultra HD 32" LED Monitor. With four times the quality of Full HD, this monitor is perfect for editing photos or videos with clarity in the colour and detail. The large screen size also means you'll spend less time scrolling, so you can focus on more of your spreadsheet at once, or read a full-length article without losing your place.

Enjoy photos, videos, and gaming in stunning 4K quality with clear and vivid images. With over a billion colour shades, the U32J590 4K Ultra HD 32" LED Monitor delivers natural looking images that pop off the screen so that you can relive the moments of your favourite photos.

Enhance the picture

Scroll through cherished photos or rewatch your favourite move with enhanced quality thanks to UHD upscaling. When you watch lower resolution videos, the U32J590 will convert the images to near-4K quality, so you get the best images possible no matter what you're viewing. 

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