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PHILIPS 242E2FA Full HD 24" LCD Monitor - Black

PHILIPS 242E2FA Full HD 24" LCD Monitor - Black

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Get browsing, gaming and watching with the Philips 242E2FA Full HD 24" LCD Monitor.

It can deliver a more fluid picture with its 75 Hz frame rate and 1 ms response time, so all the action will look flawless. And the AMD FreeSync Premium technology matches the monitor's refresh rate to your graphic card, eliminating any annoying screen tearing or stuttering.

To help you get through extended browsing or work sessions, the Philips LCD Monitor has flicker free and low blue light features to keep eye strain at bay. Ideal if you need to stay up and do an all-nighter to get that essay done or simply binge-watch your favourite programmes.

Plus, there's no need to fork out for external speakers - the 242E2FA Full HD 24" Monitor provides full sound from two 3 W speakers. Get stuck into your games and enjoy an all round fuller experience. And with a variety of ports, you can effortlessly switch between streaming and console gaming when needed.

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