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Kirkland Signature Salted Cashews Jar, 1.07kg

Kirkland Signature Salted Cashews Jar, 1.07kg

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Kirkland Signature Salted Cashews Black Label Jar is a premium product and a flavour-packed crunchy snack which will satisfy gourmet food lovers. The rich jumbo-size cashews are roasted in oil and deliciously seasoned with sea salt, creating a go-to snack that you crave for. Kirkland Signature Cashew Black Label uses W180 Cashews, which are known internationally as the King of Cashew; bigger, tastier and more nutritious than any other type. Regular daily intake of cashew nuts can have a variety of health benefits, which support to prevent cardiovascular diseases, reduce the risk of diabetes and enhance bone and dental health. These premium quality nuts are packaged in glass jars with a stainless steel lid and air-tight seal to maintain the proper moisture level, preserving the freshness and sweet taste for a long time. These flavourful nuts bring the mouth-watering feelings that you cannot resist. 

  • Premium Black Label
  • W180 Cashews - King of Cashew
  • Ideal Snack
  • 1.07kg

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